Saturday, August 11, 2012

Senior High School - XB

Hey y'all! Miss me? ;;)

Now, I'm senior high school student, can you imagine that? I can't. Now my life is absolutely different. Well, my besties here are still Wynne and Winda. I'm with Winda at XF, and Wynne at XB. But we still hang out every break time.

My class? Ergh, I can't stand it. Wanna know why? Well, I think the new kids are not really into me, you know what I mean? I'm the vice chairman of the class. The chairman is Wiraa *yaay* *hurray*. My close friends at XB are Lani, Shinta, Winda, and Wira. The others? Well, sometimes I make a fun a little bit and the whole class would laugh, but I just haven't moved on from 16th generation of Junior High School yet. I mean, some friends are stinks, they laugh at a-not-funny-moment, and they trying to get attention, a lot. But some friends are kind, and lovely.

Hey, I'm senior high school student, but doesn't mean I changed. I'm still the old me, the funny, the pretty, the lazy, the absurd, the chubby one. I might change a little bit in the weight (?) I'm still in love with the one, too. But day by day it's getting harder, you know. Weird, but what can I do? lol, whatever.

Here's some last pictures of me, so you could recognize me when I'm growing up ;)

And here are some pictures about my high school and class <3 p="p">



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